Links to Technical Information

The following links contain invaluable informationfor the artist-metalsmith:
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Artist Blacksmiths' Association of North America (ABANA)
ABANA , based in the USA, is the major international art-smithing organization and has a world-wide membership. It supports the exchange of technical and design considerations of all matters relating to the artistic forging of primarily iron/steel.
The ArtMetal Project
An information source for art metal workers working in various metals.
SkipJack Press
SkipJack Press publishes books about blacksmithing and the metal arts:

"New Edge of the Anvil," is an instructional guide for the blacksmith. It shows and describes the necessary tools, how to set up a forge, and the basic forging processes. It has numerous drawings, illustrations, and photographs making it a valuable resource for the artist-blacksmith.

Another area of publication focuses on the historical aspects of blacksmithing and the iron work of master artist-blacksmiths of the past. These artists represent the height of iron work in both design and fabrication and serve as examples for us today. Books included in this area are about the great master smiths Samuel Yellin and the work of American colonial blacksmiths.

The Elektric Anvil
A growing archive of useful information for blacksmiths, technique tips, and links.
Upper Midwest Blacksmith's Association (UMBA)
Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site in Saugus, Mass.