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As a designer, I approach a design situation with no pre-conceived notions. I listen to your needs and concerns. I study the environment where the work will go. And with over 30 years experience, I often surprise even myself with what emerges as the creative process unfolds. My goal is to please by coming up with a solution that gives you the feeling: "I never would have thought of that - but it seems just right"

One of the most exciting stages of the whole process occurs here: an idea is conceived and imagination is about to be turned into reality.The important thing is to take the first step of making contact. A phone call or e-mail gets the ball rolling.






For more information, contact:
Dimitri Gerakaris
Architectural & Sculptural Metalsmithing
The Upper Gates Road
North Canaan, New Hampshire,03741

Telephone/FAX: 603.523.7366

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