Firescreens as ArtGates

All fireplace screens by Dimitri Gerakaris are custom designed and made for each particular fireplace and home.
A fireplace is a major focal point and sets the impression for the room - whether a fire is lit or not - and let's face it, a fire is usually not going. At such a time the gaping black space can usually use this aesthetic help.

Below, the first two fireplaces are from a Post and Beam style home. The last four are from a single home done in the "Adirondack Style". They all give an idea of the wide range of possible approaches. Clicking on each image will provide much more detailed information.

For a Post and Beam Style Home Dining Room Fireplace Living Room Fireplace

Adirondack Firescreen 1 Adirondack Firescreen 2 For an Adirondack Style Home 
Adirondack Firescreen 3  Adirondack Firescreen 4

Click here to view a commercial Firescreen

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