Public Art Reliefs by Dimitri Gerakaris

Commuter Ella Mergherian looks at WOODSIDE CONTINUUMCommissioned by the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority, Arts for Transit Program for Woodside Station in Queens, where tens of thousands of commuters daily transfer between the subway lines of the New York City Transit Authority and the Long Island Railroad, this work of seven relief panels traces the history of the community and the history of rail travel.






4 of 7 panels: history of transportation and community

4 Woodside panels in situThe artwork springs from a stock medallion motif used by the MTA railings system-wide and flows into forms which seek to not only be pleasing to the eye, but which also graphically relate much of Woodside's history, which the artist researched at great length with the gracious assistance of Mr. William Asadorian of the Queens Public Library. This history appears in four panels on one side of the mezzanine linking the MTA to the LIRR. At the opposite side of the mezzanine, by the LIRR ticket counter, are to be found three addtional panels outlining the development of the locomotive through the years. All the panels are somewhat impressionistic "sketches in steel" designed to engage the imagination of the viewer. The panels operate on many levels. They tell a history of community and rail transportation. They provide a tremendous amount of detail for those waiting between trains. And ultimately, they are an attempt to make Woodside Station a place people would want to experience.



Locomotive Panels (3)

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