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Entry Gates can be an attractive and tasteful way to keep out unwanted traffic. They can also identify the property and make a statement of what lies beyond the gates.

This entry gate in Woodstock, Vermont leads to a world-class garden. Designed to keep wild deer from eating the garden, it has a very tight pattern. The garden itself provides the real plants, so the gate is done in a very impressionistic manner depicting one of the garden paths and surrounding plants. It is color-galvanized to protect it for generations and to provide shades of deep and verdigris greens for an organic feeling (© D.Gerakaris,1995).




This entry gate (© 1977) on the other hand, seeks only to keep out vehicular traffic, thus the spaces between the metal can be quite large and airy to allude to the name of the property beyond - "Windswept"-.The gates pictured are but two examples of the infinite variety of gate designs that are possible. The openings in both gates measure 12 ft, the maximum size required by any vehicle that can travel on a road.This gate is made to look wider than it is by the use of stationary iron panels to the sides of the actual gates.

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