Residential Railings

Custom designed and built by Dimitri Gerakaris



This sinuous railing in Kingston Jamaica is inspired by the embroidered imagery of classical Chinese robes.

This five-Story Narrative Railing for a New York brownstone was designed and built to provide flow and continuity. For more details and images, click here.

















Rather than compete for attention with the exquisite masonry, this balcony was designed to become an extension and integral part of this scene (shown with detail).


In addition to the aesthetic role of this wrought iron balcony,which overlooks a lovely garden, this was also engineered to withstand heavy snowslides off the roof - the decorative elements are also strong, springy, shock-absorbers! Steel can look delicate yet possess great strength.


To see a page about a "grapevine" WINECELLAR RAILING, click here.

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