Architectural & Sculptural Metalsmithing
by Dimitri Gerakaris

Freestanding SCULPTURES based on Nature

Sculptures inspired by Nature, these one-of-a-kind freesdtanding sculptures seek to connect us with the beautiful and awesome forms of life, which have been evolving in the finest 'design lab' for millenia.

This freestanding and kinetic sculpture of forged stainless steel and bronze, inspired by both the Green Darner Dragonfly (Anux junius) and Canadian Dragonfly (Aeshna Canadensis) is set on a New Hampshire granite base. They are marvels of creation and source of inspiration for minds the like of DaVinci , Sakorsky and countless others:

dragonfly sculpture

dragonfly sculpture detailGreen Darner Dragonfly


Bronze Lily sculptureLily Sculpture, bronzePoppy sculpture

The Lily Sculptures shown here were forged of solid bronze and have found homes in lovely gardens surrounded by real lillies. The Poppies piece is forged of bronze and steel on a Vermont marble base and is for interior use. In the way of sculpture, almost anything is possible: other organic forms like these or totally abstract forms or animal forms, etc.

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Sting Ray Sculpture


The section in this Website on Process :the Design & Commissioning Phase indicates how to begin commissioning a sculpture. You may also wish to see the section on Public Art and refer to the Index for more specific topics.

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