Residential Sculptures & Reliefs
by Dimitri Gerakaris

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The bas-reliefs below illustrate the broad range of styles available from geometric to flowing, organic artwork. All work is custom designed for each particular location.

Wall Relief for US Embassy, Art in the Embassies program, U.S. Department of State

"The Road Taken"

Artwork designed for and shown in the residence of the US EMBASSY in Port of Spain Trinidad, this bas-relief celebrates the positive alternatives we face in life. It also represents the region of the Ambassador's US home. Forged steel, 20 x 30 x 3 inches.

African Art style wall relief sculpture for above fireplace

This piece, above a fireplace, was designed by the sculptor to reflect the taste of the clients - they collect African art. It furthermore provides a visual anchor with mass and texture plus animation and counterpoint for the airy and rectilinear wall of glass. Please click on image for detail view.


Wall relief for a collector of Native American art. Forged of steel and measuring 26 x 47 x 2".

Kokopelli is the ancient American Indian God of Abundance who is said to have roamed the hills of the southwest.

Depicted in ancient rock carvings as a humpbacked flute player, he was believed to bring fertility and good fortune to whomever he met. His arrival was marked by celebration, dancing and singing.












Game Room Wall Relief Sculpture"Game Room Relief"


This 4.5 x 5 ft. steel forging designed to hang on a chimney wall depicts pleasures to be enjoyed in this game room plus the name and profession of the clients.











Wall Sculpture for above fireplace

This relief was designed by the artist as an element to relieve the large expanse of wall above the fireplace. It was also designed as a reflection of the clients' aesthetic preferences and picks up on the geometric lines of the architecture and adjacent painting.

Please click on image for close-up view.








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