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Furniture, Fountains, Lighting (candle or electrical), Fireplace items, Weathervanes, Specialty Architectural in addition to the Railings,Gates and Sculptures found elsewhere on this Website (please refer to the Index) are all fair game for this one-of-a-kind production. Please refer to the section: the Design & Commissioning stage. Below is a small assortment to indicate the range of possibilities:

The three items above show some of this range: Architectural Elements to adorn a Baroque residence; Structural elements aesthetically done for the"King Post" timberwork by the pre-eminent timberframers of Benson Woodworking Company for the home of This Old House host, Norm Abram; and a Wall Sculpture, which also opens up as a Wall Safe.

Left to right: a candlestand designed to rest alone on a table by a window with a view of the ocean; glass and slate-topped tables.

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